Cute DIY Favor Bags: How To Print At Home

I love this post by, as it is so simple and cost effective. You can create your own favour bags that add that touch of uniqueness or just plain cool!

How To Print on Paper Bags

Time to Complete: Initial set up – under 15 minutes.
Printing – Less than 1 minute per bag (depending on your printer’s speed.)
Skill Level: Easy

Today we’re showing how easy it is to customize pretty little favor bags using your home printer. This DIY project checks so many boxes – it’s cute, it’s easy, it’s super affordable and another great way to add cute detail to your wedding day. Yay!

You can pick up basic brown paper bags for next to nothing at your local stationery or craft store, or grab them online. Online they’re under $7 for 50 bags, and cheaper if you buy in bulk. (South African readers can grab them online here.) You don’t need any fancy software either – just add some text in Word, and you’re all set!

You can use these favor bags for all sorts of wedding thank you gifts including baked goods and edible treats, eco friendly seeds, bath salts, herb and spice mixtures or even organic coffee beans.


  • Regular printer paper
  • Something to print on the bags, like text, or a special design
  • Paper bags in a size of your choosing
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape or any tape that you can easily re-position
  • Twine or ribbon for decorating. (Optional.

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